Chauvet Professional Well Pad (4-Pack)


Chauvet Professional Well Pad (4-Pack)

$ 3,999.99 USD
$ 4,511.28 USD

The pack of four WELL Pads from CHAUVET Professional is composed of four outdoor-ready, wireless, battery-powered rectangular RGBA LED wash lights. The WELL Pad provides coverage of walls, stages, landscapes, and architectural elements from wide beam and field angles. Its orientation can be manipulated with a 90° rotation system from its base. It can be controlled via W-DMX or by using the included IR remote. Alternatively, it can be controlled manually from the OLED display on the fixture. The WELL Pad features a drop-in case for easy storage and recharging of the battery and includes a magnetic diffuser filter.

WELL Pad 4-Pack Includes: Integrated Flight Case/Charging Unit, 4 pcs. PowerCON Power Cord , Control: W-DMX and 5-pin DMX

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